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Short Term Rentals

Short-term rentals (STRs), also known as vacation rentals or Airbnb’s, are residential dwelling units (or portions thereof) that are rented for periods less than 30 days.  

STRs impact communities in a variety of ways. Some of the opportunities and challenges of STRs to consider include:

STR Opportunities
  • Flexible accomodation for tourists
  • Supplemental income for homeowners
  • Flexible tenancy options for landlords
STR Challenges
  • Decreasing housing affordability
  • Neighbourhood disruption
  • Removal of long-term rental housing

Other considerations include:

  • The growth of STRs has been significant in small and rural communities, with annual growth rates between 42%-44%.
  • In BC, STRs had taken over 16,000 housing units off the long-term market up to the end of 2022.
  • Renting out entire homes, particularly where there are no permanent residents, can have negative impacts on housing availability and affordability.

As a response to the increasing popularity of STRs in our community, and while considering the benefits and challenges of STRs, the Town of Creston has developed STR regulations. 

Here’s what to consider when planning to operate a STR:

  • Short term rentals are now permitted in an operator’s principle dwelling where they live for at least 8 months per year OR in a maximum of one attached accessory dwelling unit (secondary suite) where the operator lives in the principle dwelling in the same building.

  • STRs are permitted in Zones R1-R6, CDNW, CN, CHS, CG, CDC, AG, but not as the primary use.

  • A STR business licence fee is $650 annually.

  • STRs will be required to have an up-to-date fire inspection (within three years).

  • Municipal & Regional District Tax (MRDT) must be collected.

  • A welcome booklet, including emergency contacts and other information, will be provided by the Town that must be made available to all guests.

  • Every STR operator must maintain a daily register of guests and provide a copy to the Town upon request.

  • Advertising a Short term rental without a business licence has a $250 penalty per day. Using land contrary to the Zoning Bylaw also has a separate $250 penalty per day.

  • A grace period of six months from the adoption date, starting March 12th, 2024, has been granted. During this time, STR operators are encouraged to familiarize themselves with the new regulations and bring their operations into alignment.

To review the bylaws relevant to Short term rentals, see the Resources section on the Let’s Talk Creston Short term rentals page.