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Property Maintenance Bylaw

Did you know that Creston has a Property Maintenance Bylaw?

The bylaw has rules about how property owners and occupants should take care of their properties. There are certain things that are not allowed, for example, owners or occupiers can’t let garbage or water build up on their property, write graffiti on any private or public property, litter in open spaces, or let their property become messy or unsightly.

Property owners have to keep their property clean and make sure there are no rundown buildings or structures. They can’t park broken-down vehicles or equipment on their property, unless it’s for legal storage purposes.

Property owners also need to maintain their lawns, plants, and boulevards to a certain standard and make sure there are no pests or vermin infesting their property. If there is an infestation, they have to take measures to get rid of it themselves or hire a pest control service. They also need to keep records of the pest control activities and show them if asked. If there are dead pests or vermin, they need to dispose of them properly.

If the bylaw is not complied with, the Town Bylaw Officer may issue a written Warning to the owner or occupier, describing the contravention and giving them 14 days to respond with a plan to remedy it. If the owner or occupier fails to comply, they may appeal the Warning, face a Bylaw Notice, or have the required action taken by the Municipality at their expense. Any costs incurred by the Municipality may be recovered as a debt from the owner or occupier, and each day that a violation continues constitutes a separate offence.