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Housing Societies in Creston

There are a number of housing societies in Creston that contribute to non-market housing.

Non-market housing means housing that is not bought or sold through the traditional housing market. It is often provided and managed by organizations such as housing cooperatives, community land trusts, and social housing providers. These organizations aim to address the housing affordability crisis by offering affordable, stable housing options to people who are struggling to find affordable homes in the market. This type of housing is often targeted towards low-income individuals, families, and communities, and plays an important role in promoting economic and social equality.

The Creston Valley Community Housing Society manages Legacy Place in Creston, BC. Legacy Place offers 2 and 3 bedrooms units for low income families with children. It is not pet friendly.

When a vacancy occurs, the following local service community organizations are notified:

  • Valley Community Services
  • Kootenai Community Services
  • Lower Kootenay Band
  • Kootenay Boundary Community Services Cooperative
  • Ministry for Children & Families

The Creston Valley Community Housing Society also advertises on Facebook.

You can email to request an application form or call 250-428-6560 for more information.

The Handy Capable Housing Society (HCHS) is a local non-profit housing society that owns and manages the Glaser Terrace apartments, a twelve-unit complex located at 1140 Scott Street in Creston, British Columbia.

The HCHS provides subsidized affordable housing designed to meet the needs of individuals or families with a member with physical disabilities that impact their mobility. Every unit (1, 2 or 3 BR) is fully designed for wheelchair access. It can serve seniors, but the highest priority is mobility. When an opening comes available applicants are assessed based on highest need. One small pet per unit is allowed. HCHS has served the Creston valley since its establishment in 1988.

To apply for accommodation at the Glaser Terrace apartments you can:

Send your letter of interest to:

The Handy Capable Housing Society
1140 Scott Street
Creston B.C.  V0B1G4

Or email your letter of interest to

Kootenay Regional Association for Community Living provides low income rental housing for people with disabilities who can live independently.

The Cedar Linden housing project, completed in 2020, has 9 one and two bedroom apartments. Each unit was built specifically to accommodate people of low income with disabilities.

Applications for accommodation are accepted once there is a vacancy. If you would like to be informed if upcoming vacancies, please email or phone 250-428-1892.

The Creston Trinity Housing Society manages the 55+ Catalpa Apartments located next to the Trinity Church. There are 19 suites in this two-story building. Please keep in mind that this is a no pet or smoking building.

If you would like to apply for accommodation at Catalpa Apartments, please email to request an application form, or pick one up at 128 10th Avenue North, Creston during business hours on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 9:30AM – 12:30PM

The NEXUS Community Support Society manages Rebekah Manor in Creston.

Rebekah Manor offers rental units with a monthly rent that is either 30% of the tenant’s income or 30% of the combined income for multiple tenants. A damage deposit of half a month’s rent is required at the start of the tenancy. 

Laundry facilities are available for a fee, and tenants are responsible for hooking up and paying for their own electrical usage. Pets of any kind are not allowed.

Rebekah Manor has a total of 26 rental units. To apply, please email or phone 250-426-7588

You can also visit the website HERE.

Kootenai Community Centre Society provides supportive accommodations for women seeking freedom from violence. Women can apply to stay for longer periods of time; depending on their unique circumstances.

In order to qualify, housing participants will need to be involved in support services within Kootenai Community Centre Society or another community agency. Support services may include, but are not limited to, employment services, counselling, and life-skills training.

Please call 250-402-0068 to find out more information regarding availability.