Creston Housing Hub

RDCK Housing Needs Report (2020)

The Regional Housing Needs Report for the Regional District of Central Kootenay was conducted in December 2020.

The report was designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of housing supply, demand, and needs within the region. The report is used to guide policy formulation for the local and regional governments, inform land use planning decisions, and direct local and regional housing action.

Safe, affordable, and inclusive housing is vital to societal, economic, and individual health and well-being of Central Kootenay communities and residents. Unfortunately, safe, affordable, and inclusive housing is increasingly difficult to find.

If the amount of money you spend on housing, utilities, property taxes, and other related bills exceeds 30% of your household income (before taxes), then your housing is considered unaffordable. This is a prevalent issue for approximately 45% of Creston’s residents, with 18% being in an Extreme Core Housing Need. There is also a shortage of rental units (less than 1% vacancy rate) to accommodate those seeking shelter.